Following the recent announcement that Dartmouth College is eliminating five varsity teams (Men’s and Women’s Swim, Men’s and Women’s Golf, and Men’s Lightweight Rowing), the current and former members of the Lightweight Rowing Team are calling for the reinstatement of Men’s Lightweight Rowing.

The announcement and the FAQ page cite the need to “better balance the makeup of incoming undergraduate classes,” a significant budget deficit, and a “series of factors” as reasons to eliminate the listed varsity teams. However, there is no indication that eliminating the lightweight program will make any substantive changes to these goals. Instead, eliminating the team will negatively impact the college experience for all lightweight rowers, and sets a worrisome precedent for what the college decides is a worthwhile student experience.

We ask you to support the value of lightweight rowing within the college experience and the opportunities it offers to students.

Steps you can take to help Dartmouth Lightweight Rowing

  1. Sign the petition.
  2. Email President Phil Hanlon, Athletic Director Harry Sheehy, and Dartmouth Board of Trustees Secretary Laura Hercod to share with them the importance if lightweight rowing and help them understand the mistake they have made.
  3. Contact current and past members of the Lightweight Rowing Team for more suggestions.
  4. Follow us on Instagram (@savedartmouthlights).

Rise the Lights.