Testimonial: Bryan Alston ‘11

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My experience on the rowing team at Dartmouth has permanently altered my life in more ways than I can recall, but the team camaraderie, commitment to excellence and sense of adventure that comes with the sport was something I never thought I’d experience. The most memorable moments of my undergraduate career came from my time on this team.

As far as I know, I’m the only openly gay Black coxswain who double medaled within our era and quite possibly ever. As a novice walkon (initially as a D150 rower) I highly doubt someone like me would have even tried out for the sport if Lightweight Rowing didn’t exist, nor would I have had that life changing experience if this team was less inclusive and inviting.

Unlike many people, I was fortunate enough to be on both the Lightweight and Heavyweight men’s team and while I will always love both teams, I was always extremely impressed by the universal level of commitment that the Lightweights showed towards their craft, as well as the best in class team building skills that Coach Dan Roock showcased.