Testimonial: Anonymous D150 ‘96

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Did you walk on to the lightweight rowing team?


What impact did rowing have on your Dartmouth experience?

Rowing was an integral part of my Dartmouth experience, and on par with academics in terms of importance. My best friends, respect for working as a true team, and academic/sport balance all came from rowing.

What impact did rowing have beyond college?

In the same way Dartmouth is looking for multi faceted applicants, so are companies. Rowing personified teamwork and a pursuit of detail oriented precision.

What would be lost if Dartmouth eliminates the Lightweight Rowing Team?

The opportunity for a group of students to participate in a unique sport, that takes place on one of the natural wonders of Dartmouth’s location. So many sports take place in manufactured environments, but I think of Dartmouth athletics as the river and the mountains. What a unique and amazing opportunity.