Testimonial: Anonymous D150 ‘07

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Did you walk on to the lightweight rowing team?


What impact did rowing have on your Dartmouth experience?

I was a student athlete in high school participating in varsity cross-country, swimming, and tennis. Being an athlete was an important part of who I was. So, I was looking for a way to stay active while at college. I love “gritty” sports and rowing instantly appealed to me. Ultimately, rowing offered me a way to remain a student athlete and make some great friends and memories in the process. All of that would not have been possible without the D150s.

What impact did rowing have beyond college?

If it were not for the D150 program I doubt I would have stayed as active as I was throughout college. I graduated in 2007 in the best shape of my life, and continued pursuit of athletic excellence. After Dartmouth, I took up triathlons and completed an Ironman in Cozumel in 2009, nearly qualifying for the Kona Championships (not my intent). Today, adult life has slowed me down a little but I still have that D150 grit and regularly compete in triathons and bike races.

What would be lost if Dartmouth eliminates the Lightweight Rowing Team?

I tried to walk on to the swim team as well and was shunned away by the coach, who did not feel my PRs were competitive enough be worthy of his coaching. Without lightweight rowing, many student athletes will have no outlet for their competitive spirit and will be forced to become former student athletes. My life would not be the same today if that was my fate.