Testimonial: Anonymous D150 ‘12

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Did you walk on to the lightweight rowing team?


What impact did rowing have on your Dartmouth experience?

I always thought that, in a sense, by Dartmouth Lightweight Rowing choosing to support me in the admissions process, I was signing a contract to do everything I could to help the program succeed and make Dartmouth proud. By and large I feel like I honored that commitment over four years of rowing, helping the team climb from worst to less-than-a-second from first. Through that process, Dartmouth rowing gave me an identity on campus, made me feel like a real contributor to the Dartmouth community, and helped me to take my academics more seriously, and seriously improve my grades over four years. Beyond that, Dartmouth rowing gave me friends for life, and a sense of confidence that I could take on future challenges and succeed.

What impact did rowing have beyond college?

I’m now a rowing coach, so, it was singularly important in preparing me for that. But of course the lessons of hard work, grit, integrity, commitment, and altruism have proven to be critical qualities in my success in my professional and personal lives.

What would be lost if Dartmouth eliminates the Lightweight Rowing Team?

A sense of adventure. The sport is unique in its ability to take novices and make them rowers, and varsity-athletes, which draws people in and gives them a chance to try something new at a high level. An actually competitive team. It was the last of the three Dartmouth rowing teams to win an Ivy League title, to medal in the varsity at the Sprints or the National Championship, and to send rowers to the Olympics.