Testimonial: Anonymous D150 ‘16

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Did you walk on to the lightweight rowing team?


What impact did rowing have on your Dartmouth experience?

Joining the Dartmouth Lightweight Team as a walk-on became the cornerstone of my Dartmouth career. It founded relationships and experiences that defined my time at the college. I learned to handle adversity and challenges I never would have experienced just in a classroom. Being a rower allowed me to become a more holistically rounded individual rather than just a diligent student.

What impact did rowing have beyond college?

Rowing uniquely emphasizes strict teamwork which is not easy to come by. I learned to participate in and prioritize the rhythm of many rather than my own inner beat. That has been a helpful skill in the workplace.

What would be lost if Dartmouth eliminates the Lightweight Rowing Team?

The river is one of Dartmouth’s gems. My fondest memories of my time at the school were from early morning rows on the peaceful Connecticut. It makes me sad to think that Dartmouth will disbar students like me, not recruited, not big enough to try out for the heavyweight team, from experiencing that bliss.