Testimonial: Anonymous D150 ‘22

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Did you walk on to the lightweight rowing team?


What impact did rowing have on your Dartmouth experience?

Rowing at Dartmouth has been the single greatest aspect of my time at the college. Growing up in a small town with three older brothers, I thrived by being in a tight knit community. My brothers and I would always push each other - be it in academics, athletics, or relationships, I was shaped by the small community of my family. When I was looking for what I wanted out of college, I knew I wanted to replicate this dynamic. Given that I was not a recruited athlete, Dartmouth Lightweight Rowing offered me a unique experience of recreating this dynamic. Our team had continued to push me on all personal fronts, making me into a holistic community member while at the same time enabling me to forge lasting bonds with teammates. If this program is truly to end it will remove this dynamic from the school, something that would significantly hurt Dartmouth’s community and allure to prospective students.

What would be lost if Dartmouth eliminates the Lightweight Rowing Team?

If the program were to be eliminated, Dartmouth would take a serious degradation of its community at large. This team is not comprised of an isolated group of individuals who merely are athletes. We are a dynamic community of intellects, connected and active student voices, and close friends. Our historic team enables a bond that transcends class year and experience, one that will keep us tied and united with Dartmouth forever. Cutting off the team severs this bond, weakening Dartmouth as a whole and achieving the exact opposite of what the school said it would in cutting this program.